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Summer/Fall 2007 update from Pose! Oct. 24th, 2007 @ 12:39 am
Greetings from Pain Headquarters,

We are very happy to announce re-release of the Jabberjaw single with all new artwork on Springman Records. The single is available now through the Pain HQ, as well as Springman Records, iTunes, and all the normal retail and digital outlets. There will also be some bonus material in this pressing (tour photos, videos, etc). The single has been out of print for a short while, so we are excited about having it available again.

In other news, PBS recently featured the song Midgets with Guns in a video montage of mischievous, evil midgets, as part of a recent installment of their Point of View documentary series. The episode, No Bigger than a Minute, investigates the perceptions and challenges of dwarfism. Midgets with Guns was used as a soundtrack to a slideshow highlighting the images that Hollywood has typically associated with dwarfism in the past. We are big supporters of public broadcasting, so were happy to support the project. Besides, this PBS documentary also has a big segment with Bushwick Bill, which we are pretty excited about.

As always, the Pain-mart online superstore is open 24/7 for your rocking convenience. Orders ship every Monday.

Thanks for all your continued support!

P.O. Box 1755
Griffin, GA 30224

Sep. 21st, 2007 @ 09:21 am
does anyone have any links or places to download or buy the any of dan lords stuff (solo, or salvo or whatever)?

All this time I've been on LJ... May. 21st, 2007 @ 06:30 am
. . . And I had no idea there was a Pain community! What a concept! Others who love it just as much as me, it's amazing.

My fiancee and I were going to get Stuart McNair and his band to play at our wedding until we realized we can't afford that. Now I just wish he'd start playing down here in Tuscaloosa again since I moved down here with her instead of living in Birmingham anymore...

Jabberjaw May. 4th, 2007 @ 11:41 am
I would assume this has been posted here before, but i just found the Jabberjaw Music Video and figured I'd share in case it hasn't.

fellow painiacs, i give you... Apr. 11th, 2007 @ 09:32 pm

MAY 07 @ The Cell Block!! in mobile, alabama!

The Pharmacy (seattle dance punks! they love the way michael ohara dances!)

Super Nice Bros! (gotta new surprise for us all!)

plus more to come!

$5/$7 over/under

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hence The Plagues (new record out, just signed!)
Lightrunner (ex difference engine, nuees ardentes)
Abstract Artimus (electro freakfuck, ex frycook/difference engine)

Other entries
» Slow going on the DVD...
>Hope this finds you well.
>Any news on the DVD or any other new stuff?

Hello. It is good to hear from you. I am afraid the DVD progress is slow. We are collecting commentary tracks now, which is taking some time. On the positive side, we are very close to finishing and things look very good. As Morrissey says, "...the last mile (is) the hardest mile."

Thanks for checking in. I hope to have more news soon.
Happy Holidays!
» Pain on ITunes
Pain is now available in the ITunes Music Store- Midgets With Guns, Wonderful Beef, and Full Speed Ahead, anyhow.

Use that "Gift This Music" feature and spread the Pain.
» PAIN stuff!
Sorry for the spamminess of this post, but I'm cleaning out my closets and have decided to get rid of some pain memorabilia. I bought a 7" of the Jabberjaw single a few years ago, which I've put up for sale on ebay. I've never listened to it, so it's in perfect condition. It's an earlier pressing, with a numbered cover. Along with that, I have some posters that I collected from shows at the Varsity, fishbee island coloring book and a few setlists. If you're interested, you can see it all here.

» Pain Updates for 2006!
This was emailed out today, thought you guys would be hella interested. I know I am!


Pain update (1/12/2006)

***Full Speed Ahead re-release now out***
***Pain DVD close to completion***
***Pain and Springman Records on iTunes***

Hello from Pain HQ!

Springman Records and Pain is pleased to announce the re-release of Full Speed Ahead. The official release date will likely be in February, but the title is now available on the PainPage http://www.thepainpage.com) and The Springman Records (http://www.springmanrecords.com) site. Springman also has tons other cool things going on, so be sure to check them out for sure.

Lest we be labeled as being too "old school" for being so CD focused, we have also been working with Springman Records to have much of the Pain catalogue available on iTunes as well as other digital outlets. Look for legal/legit Pain Mp3s on more sites soon for your downloading pleasure. We have also been negotiating with Steve Jobs to replace Bono with Pain as the ubiquitous iTunes artist found in most Apple ads. Negotiations, unfortunately, are not going well. I suspect the endeavor will fail.

In other news, the Pain DVD is nearing completion. We have all of the Pain archives finally sifted through and audio commentary tracks done. It is now in the final phase of editing at a secret location in the backwoods of rural Maine. We are very pleased with the design and content and have unearthed a few surprises that even make a jaded curmudgeon like myself smile. I will be sure to email everyone on the mailing list as soon as the DVD's release date is set.

Finally, there are 2 new myspace.com pages to check out. Those who are interested can reference them at http://www.myspace.com/painantidote as well as http://www.myspace.com/paintheband. They were started by some cool folks. Check it out!

Take care,
» (No Subject)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Friday, November 4th!!!
@ GroundZero (6850 Moffett Road, Mobile, AL, 251-645-8712)

The Long Awaited Return of Mobile's Long Lost Sons...


noise/punk/grind/everything/crazinessss! all the way from California, featuring Weasel Walter of the Flying Luttenbachers on the trapset.


Fry Cook!!!!!
metal with dick jokes!


Roman Gabriel Todd's Beast Rising Up Out of the Sea!!!!!
jazz punk death to your face!!!



Polyvinyl Recs
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